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Thank you. Bless you.
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Andrew Scott at the Apple store in Regent St, London.

It was a very moving panel. The movie they were talking about is called “Pride”, it’s set in the 80’s and it’s about the struggle of a group of LGBT people who try to help the miners of their small town, but are constantly rejected. Andrew got visibly moved throughout the panel, especially when a lesbian girl asked him for advice on how to deal with homophobia. He was like, chocking up. Every single person in the room was teary-eyed. It was beautiful and very emotional, and he’s so, SO passionate about the cause. He really feels it in his bones. After the panel he stopped to take pictures and sign autographs for as long as he could, and he really seemed a genuinely amazing person.

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Interviewer: "So, let’s talk about Sherl-"
Andrew: "Pf pf pf pf pft."
Interviewer: "Moriar-"
Andrew: "Pf pf pf pft pft!"

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BBC Sherlock + (some) significant dates. Based on this timeline.

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Jim Moriaty + faceless / blue

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“I wanted to show little glimpses of Moriarty’s vulnerability. You can’t go down that road too much because that’s not what one’s job is when playing the main antagonist, but you got to see that towards the very end, when we realise that he’s going to kill himself. He’s a very desolate, very lonely, very unhappy person.”
— Andrew Scott on Moriarty - Sherlock: The Casebook (via moriartysdance)

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