Was it a struggle keeping your role a secret last year?
“In the last series, there was a lot of fun to be had. I didn’t tell very many people, because that would’ve spoiled it for everybody. People were really surprised. As I say, I was doing a play at the time and the next day [after it aired] this old woman who played a maid came in and she was like, ‘F**k, you’re Moriarty!’


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Moriarty in #23 for this palette was hard ;-;

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O h, D e v i l.

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Short version: Not dead.

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don’t bully kids at school or else they’ll poison your eczema medication and then keep your shoes after you’re dead

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We’ve got an exclusive Andrew Scott interview extract and photo from the new issue of Attitude magazine on our site - head on over to read all!

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Mark and Andrew on the set of Sherlock looking incredibly dapper (click for HQ)

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